41 photos

This is a collection of images by Jeff Sham Photography that have each been awarded a national Bar. A Bar is very difficult to achieve and a winning image is deemed to demonstrate a mixture of skill combined with imagination and the capture of emotion or mood.
Here’s what the classifications means:
Platinum Bar images will speak for themselves and will be truly awesome – yet to be awarded
Gold Bar images are those of an exceptional standard so will be very rare
Silver Bar rated images are those of a very high standard and are very difficult to achieve
Bronze Bar rated images are those of a high standard and above the norm, so are something to be proud of
Commended images are those just missing out on a Bronze Bar, but are still a good competent image to a professional standard
Unclassified images are not of national competition standards
Jennifer and SimonSophia and NickRebecca and CraigVicky and AndyCatherine and JamesLaura and AlexLaura and AlexCheryl and DavidVanessa and JuliusLaura and AdamLaura and Adam