Please Don't Make This Mistake

October 18, 2017
I got an email from a gentleman who got married earlier this year. He made the mistake of not using a professional wedding photographer for his special day, which was a d...
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New Product Spotlight - Parma Print Box

June 09, 2017
Introducing a new product, the Parma Photographic Print Box, a contemporary alternative to coffee table books or loose prints, and a perfect supplement to your wedding al...
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One More National Award Winning Image - It's Not Easy

May 22, 2017
No competitions since the start of the year, so I entered last month, with what I thought was a good chance of a getting a solid high award and possibly even a Silver. Fu...
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The Real Cost of Wedding Photography

May 10, 2017
A new article has been published by Your Perfect Wedding Photographer where they looked at the cost of wedding photography, detailing a survey of 2016. The article also i...
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Grims Dyke Wedding Photography - London Wedding Photographer - Claire and Jan

April 21, 2017
Some photos from a recent wedding at the amazing Grim's Dyke Hotel, one of my favourite venues and one that I've worked at many times now. Enjoy some of the moments from...
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