Post Processing Wedding Photography

July 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I thought I would take a break from processing my queue of summer weddings to write a quick article on what happens after your wedding day, when all your photos have been taken. I shoot all of my images in RAW format, and make all necessary digital image adjustments on my calibrated equipment. It's a lengthy but important process, but why is this such an essential step before delivery of the images? Here's a quick example.

This (cropped, for display purposes) portrait of a bridesmaid, Cass, was taken outside the church where ideal photo locations were limited. It was right before the wedding at around 1pm on a hot and bright mid-June summer day, in the sun with no cloud cover. In front of Cass, on where I was standing, was a grassy lawn. Behind Cass, was bushy hedging with dappled light coming through the branches. You can see the complications these factors cause in an image.


The background hedge was particularly bright with a hint of light shining through the branches just visible in the top left corner, causing distractions within the image. The overall image itself has a very green tint coming from the grass reflecting the sun. The harsh sun has also caused a very washed-out and bleached image, also affecting the dress quite adversely.

To correct, the background was carefully darkened with any spilled sunlight removed. The image was colour-corrected to remove the green tint and restore and more natural tone to the skin. The exposure, brightness and contrast was corrected adding vibrancy back to the blue dress and texture back to the skin. A little bit of softening and sharpening finishes the image to what is, I hope you'll agree, a vast improvement over the original.


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