Photographic Prints

After every wedding, your photos are made available as an online gallery for your friends and family to view, no matter where they are in the world, protected with a simple unique password. Integrated into the gallery is a print ordering service offered by one of the largest professional award-winning photographic labs in the UK with the very highest standards of processing and finishing backed by well over 30 years of experience.

A comprehensive range of the very best photographic prints is on offer, with a choice of lustre (semi-gloss) or gloss finish. Using Fujicolor Professional TYPE DP paper, the base support and silver halide crystal control technology work together to produce improved whiteness, highlight and shadow depth qualities for extensive colour stability and life expectancy.

The print comes without a mount as standard, ready to be placed into your favourite frame; however, a luxury slip-in mount folder is optionally available for some print sizes.


Cost Plus Pricing

Introducing Cost Plus pricing from Jeff Sham Photography, a fresh, new and revolutionary concept in pricing for professional quality prints!

From Spring 2015, for those wedding packages that include the delivery of digital images (eg on a USB flash drive), prints from your wedding gallery can be ordered at near lab cost price. This new pricing takes into account the cost of the print at the lab, and a small percentage is applied to cover the selling fees, hosting fees, and service fees that are associated with online sales. This leaves a new low and affordable price for print purchases - you've already paid for your digital images, now enjoy reduced pricing on your prints.

Now there is no longer any reason to buy from the high street or budget websites and settle for consumer-grade prints of your treasured images. Order directly from your wedding gallery at sensible prices - the industry average for a professional 6”x4” print is still around £15! Sign in to your gallery today and order professional prints at sensible prices. It's exactly the same quality of print as before, just a lot cheaper!

For those legacy packages that do not include the delivery of digital images, the standard pricing will still apply.

See the following guide to check how much you could save when ordering your professional quality prints using Cost Plus pricing.


Small Format Prints
  Standard Pricing Cost Plus Pricing
Size Price Mounted Price Mounted
6×4 £4.95 £6.95 £2.96 £5.72
7×5 £6.95 £8.95 £3.60 £6.50
7.5×5 £6.95 - £3.60 -
8×6 £9.95 £11.95 £4.62 £7.10
10×8 £12.95 £15.95 £5.48 £8.50
12x8 £13.95 £16.95 £5.98 £9.40
A4 £13.95 - £6.52 -
Small Format Print Packages
  Standard Pricing Cost Plus Pricing
Package Price Saving Price Saving
Set of 5 of 6×4 £19.95 save 20% - -
Set of 10 of 6×4 £34.95 save 30% - -
Set of 5 of 10×8 £49.95 save 23% - -
Set of 10 of 10×8 £79.95 save 39% - -
Set of 5 of 12x8 £54.95 save 21% - -
Set of 10 of 12x8 £89.95 save 35% - -
Set of 5; 3 of 6×4 and 2 of 12×8 £29.95 save 20% - -
Square Format Prints
  Standard Pricing Cost Plus Pricing
Size Price Price
8×8 £9.95 £4.62
10×10 £13.95 £6.52
12×12 £15.95 £8.66
Large Format Prints
  Standard Pricing Cost Plus Pricing
Size Price Price
A3 £19.95 £11.90
20×16 £29.95 £18.44
A2 £34.95 £20.53
A1 £49.95 £34.25

All sizes quoted in inches. Prices correct as of May 18th, 2017. Subject to change - see your gallery for pricing.