Jeff Sham Photography | Bespoke Amore Mobile App

Bespoke Amore Mobile App

How would you like your very own app for your mobile device, containing a gallery of your wedding images? Introducing the Amore mobile app from Jeff Sham Photography, a unique and bespoke, downloadable app showcasing images from your wedding, beautifully displayed on your mobile phone or tablet. Your app is accessible and fully functional from a web-browser on your computer, and can be downloaded and installed onto your mobile device, with full offline access so that an internet connection is not required to view your gallery – carry your wedding photos with you everywhere you go. When telling your friends all about your wedding, now you can show them too!

Your app contains a selection of your favourite images from you wedding, displayed beautifully in both thumbnail and full screen displays, optimised for high-resolution displays, such as Apple’s Retina displays. Just as with any native app, there are intuitive swipe gesture controls to scroll through your images, navigation buttons and also an automatic slideshow.

Photos are for sharing, and there is the ability to share your app with your friends and family, serving as a unique photographic memento of your wedding day. Social networking is enabled inside your app, and  you can share via facebook and twitter and more, and there is also a link to your full online wedding gallery.

Priced at only £45 (includes a 360p Amore Slideshow) - a single license fee with unlimited downloads and installs on unlimited devices.

"My Wedding" mobile app"My Wedding" mobile app"My Wedding" mobile app

Key features summary

  • A bespoke and unique way to showcase your wedding images.
  • Native web-app for both iOS and Android devices, with offline access – internet connection required only for initial download.
  • Also compatible with browsers on your computer.
  • Beautiful thumbnail and full-screen views, optimised for high-resolution displays.
  • Intuitive swipe and scroll gestures and slideshow view, with alternative navigation buttons.
  • Social networking enabled – share your app with friends via facebook, twitter and more.
  • Link to your full online wedding gallery.

Sample Amore Mobile App

Open this link to the sample Amore mobile app on your mobile device and follow the instructions below.

Note: For the first time, it works best if you do this while you have a WiFi connection, because the photos will download quicker, and your app could be quite large in size (around 5-10MB).

To install on your phone/tablet homescreen:

  • Apple: Open in Safari and just follow the instructions once the app comes up.
  • Android: Open using the Chrome browser and follow the instructions once the app comes up.
  • Windows: Open in Internet Explorer and just follow the instructions once the app comes up.

And now you just click on the icon in your home screen to view your photos!

Offline access:

After you have installed and viewed the entire album once, your pictures are saved on your device and will be viewable at any time, wherever you are, with or without network connection. You can also view them on a computer.