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Please Don't Make This Mistake

October 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I got an email from a gentleman who got married earlier this year. He made the mistake of not using a professional wedding photographer for his special day, which was a decision that, by his admittance, he now regrets. It was the same reason that I've heard time and time again - "we had a family member take a lot of pictures" - of which I've never heard of a positive outcome!

The purpose of his message was to see if I could post-process his "stack of pictures from many different sources" to see if we can "salvage something" out of them. Having got some sample images from him to see the scope of work involved, I was shocked to see the multiple sources were actually camera phones, budget and mid-range DSLRs with economy lenses! Even just one of my lenses alone probably costs the same as the total of the kit used. I was really disappointed for him. Sure, you can get some great images no matter the equipment used, but the composition, posing and lighting in these images were less than flattering, to be kind. Some of the images were not even in focus!

This is a story that is becoming more prevalent - as camera prices fall, more and more people have access to better kit, which was previously too costly. However, please ask yourself whether having a decent camera is enough to entrust someone to photograph your wedding day - that once in a lifetime moment.

Don't make this mistake.

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