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We Are Changing Our Look

June 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Becky & PhilBecky & PhilThree Rivers Golf and Country Club, Essex

You may have noticed that the watermarks and branding across the site has been looking a little different. Changes are afoot to establish a simpler and modern design to match what you expect from a leading UK wedding photography brand.



When Jeff Sham Photography was launched, a simple corporate logo was created using a a combination of both a serif typeface font that was elegant yet legible plus a playful handwriting font in a bold orange colour to highlight a creative flair. This laid the foundation and backbone for the brand, and it was what the business was originally built upon.

Today, nearly a decade later, as our photographic style evolves, we wanted to create a timeless, empathetic and expressive feel to the brand going forward that encompasses what our couples demand - simple, beautiful and natural photography.

The old corporate logo was beginning to feel a little dated, and a refresh was required to better fit into the modern age.


Sally and RichardSally and RichardOaks Farm, Shirley


Instead of coming-up with a fancy logo or some other generic image that represents a camera, we wanted something to adorn your images and represent the brand that is a little more special.

When an artist finishes a piece of work, they always sign it - a unique and timeless way of identifying the craftsman. Every image we create and deliver, we are proud of, and we want to put our signature to it. So what better way than to create a sleek and elegant autograph, uniquely hand-drawn. In this way, we can happily stamp our name to our images, to sign them and be proud of them.

You will see this new autograph appear throughout our branding and documents, and will serve as our new visual identity.



The autograph will be in black or white only, elegant and unobtrusive. We want our work to stand-out, so have reduced the colour and noise that you see. The original bright orange highlights have gone, replaced by beautiful subtle tones that is more in-line with the natural feel of our work.


Looking ahead

We hope you love the new modern look. The transition may take some time, but ultimately, we hope you will find an elegant new modern feel about our brand, more consistent with our core values of simple, beautiful and natural photography.



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