What Wedding Photographers Really Get Up To

September 25, 2019

An interesting article was published by Your Perfect Wedding Photographer recently, detailing what exactly is involved with wedding photography, aiming in part to set-straight the misconceptions that is it both expensive and that it’s “just taking photos”, and to answer why some couples are left disappointed with their wedding photography; it raises awareness to those that think it’s easy.

As a full-time wedding photographer myself, I found it to be a fascinating read and I have no doubt many couples would learn a few things by reading the article for themselves - it’s a great educational piece.

“Once the photos are taken the work doesn’t stop there. A photographer will take hundreds if not into the thousands of photos, these all need going through and cutting, then they need editing to ensure they look the best they can.”

So what do wedding photographers really get up to? The following infographic goes a long way to answer this question.

And don’t underestimate the cost of skill and knowledge - I personally have spent literally thousands of pounds on initial and continual wedding photography development and training so that I am confident and competent when photographing your once-in-a-lifetime special day.

And finally...

”Taking photos is easy, taking beautiful photos that tell a beautiful story is the tricky part, it isn’t easy, but it is easier when you have years of experience which helps you know how to capture those once in a lifetime moments through photography and create that beautiful story of that single day where you marry your partner you shall spend your rest of your life with.”


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