Notification of Termination of Amore Mobile App Service

March 11, 2020

Unfortunately we must announce that the Amore mobile app service will terminate with effect from March 29th, 2020. From this date, existing apps may cease to function correctly and maintenance and support will end. Further no new apps will be available, and this will affect the small number of couples who are expecting an Amore mobile app in their wedding photography package - this will be discussed with the couple on a case-by-case basis.

The decision to terminate the service was a difficult one, but it was based on increased licensing and maintenance costs, largely due to a weaker sterling exchange rate in light of recent changes in the political and economical landscape. Usage analysis revealed that the Amore mobile app had a very low activity rate among clients, with app-opens regularly in low single digits per month among all published apps, and thus was considered no longer a viable option for the business going forward.

The Amore mobile app was introduced by Jeff Sham Photography a number of years ago with the intent of providing couples with a unique and innovative digital keepsake of their photography on their mobile device. We hope that users have enjoyed the experience over the years. As an alternative, clients will be able to use and continue to use the Photo Moments app to view all of their images - this is available via the app store for your mobile device and a unique link will be provided for download when images become available online to view. Previous clients who would like a reminder of their unique link to access and download the Photo Moments app, please do get in touch.

Rest assured that we will continue to provide a quality range of options to couples to supplement their wedding photography, including a luxury range of wedding albums that continue to be popular in the digital age.

The animated Amore slideshow is not affected by this announcement and remains popular for clients to digitally showcase their photography.

Should you have any questions related to this announcement, please do get in touch.

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