Statement Regarding Weddings in England in Step 2

March 16, 2021

News broke today, 16th March 2021, with regards to weddings and receptions in step 2 of the government's lockdown roadmap. It appears that it has been confirmed that:

"...weddings and receptions are only permitted for 15 guests between 12th April and 16th May in places of worship, public buildings, locations and outdoor settings that are already permitted to open. This does not include the vast majority of England’s licensed wedding venues..."

This is a major blow to the estimated 7000 weddings planned before 17th May. As some news sites are reporting, one can "technically get married in a zoo [from 12th April], but not in a Covid-safe, purpose-built wedding venue".

You can read the full statement from the UK Weddings Taskforce.

It seems that with businesses allowed to re-open from 12th April, weddings have an explicit exemption in the step 2 re-opening plans. The Taskforce is due to meet with officials on Wednesday to seek an explanation.

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