Presentation Products

A selection of delightful presentation products are available to order, including boxes of fine art prints, a folio of matted prints, unique tri-fold triplex pieces and classic framed prints. Perfect to bring images from your photoshoots to life, as well as wedding images. Ideal treats for yourself, or luxury gifts for family.


Fine Art Prints, with Handmade Textile Box

State-of-the-art fine art archival quality Fine Art Prints (6x9in), brought to life by advanced printing technology boasting incredible colour and light reproduction. The exceptionally rigid Mohawk Eggshell fine art paper, is acid-free and guarantees high-quality images capable of lasting generations, and is characterised by its antique-like, warm undertone that will give your images an exceptional gallery vibe. As individual pieces of art, each print is stamped with the photographer’s signature on the back.

Your Fine Art Prints are presented in a sturdy handmade box, made from the finest materials and finished in a warm grey duo-weave textile material. The box is made to accommodate up to fifty prints, allowing you the option to add to your collection at a future date.

Starting from £45 for a box of 10 6x9in fine art prints.


Matted Prints, with Handmade Folio Box

The ideal presentation product with a modern and original look, comprising of a handcrafted box paired with a selection of matted prints for a perfect fit. Each Folio Box contains 5-20 stand-alone prints of your choice, in a 10x8in size. Prints are mounted in a refined elegant frame and come pre-assembled by skilled artisans, meaning they are ready for display as soon as you receive them.

Customise your Folio Box fully from a range of outer materials and colours (textile, leatherette, velvet or suede), matched with a textile interior colour of your choice. The cover can be further personalised with laser-etching or UV-printed text (depending on colour/material), for an extra special touch.

The high-quality Matted Prints are finished on Fujicolor Silk paper, and mounted to a frame colour of your choice (white with white core, white with black core or black with white core).

Starting from £50 for a box of 5 10x8in matted prints.


Tri-fold Triplex

A tri-fold centrepiece featuring three photo cards printed on Fujicolor Silk paper, mounted on a leatherette display. This handcrafted photo folio holds three photos, and comes in two size options, 6x6in and 8x8in.

it can be stored, folded, and displayed on special occasions, or have it constantly on display and become a part of your home decor; the perfect compliment to any home, perched upon a bookshelf, fireplace mantel, dresser or desk, the Triplex makes the ideal gift for yourself, friends, grandparents or relatives.

Available in a range of colours to suit your taste; select a shade from an earthy dark, a soft pastel or a bright vibrant palette. The cover can be personalised with laser-etching or UV-printed text (depending on colour), for an extra special touch.

Starting from £45 for a 6x6in Triplex.


Framed Print

The classic Framed Print provides a subtle sense of warmth, character, and refinement - perfect for any space. Your print is finished on Canon Satin paper* inside a stylish, high-quality wooden frame, available in three colour options (white, black, natural brown), optionally accentuated with a white mount. A 6mm black MDF backboard brings it all together.

Available in a range of popular sizes up to A3, these framed wall decor prints look great anywhere in the home, and come without any glass or plastic sheet covering inside the frame, for the modern look. They are ready to be hung immediately out of the box, and include a microfibre cloth to help with cleaning and maintenance. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included.

Starting from £70 for an 8x8in bespoke framed print.